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Monday, January 18, 2010

What Happen In Meadow

I see myself,the other me,or probably myself,in a event.It's was teacher's day,from my hunch.I was one of two contestant who took part in water competition.I look around and I catch two guys sitting on a really tall chair like the badminton judge.One of them is Jin from,and the other is a really good-looking-cum-handsome-studly dude.Now I know,the event is to choose The Hottest Teacher of the year.Then I saw another person who will compete with me,he look so familiar,the face,and soon I realize that was Haire the dude,with topless bare chest.I was so thrill so see him.Wipe your drool,Bradley!

Somehow I know what we gonna do to.We both need to dive in a really quite deep pool,about 20 feet and at the bottom has 3 alike rat trap cages.1 of it were filled with sinkable balls and 2 empty cages,which represent the 2 teachers.So I and Haire need to compete each other to dive in and insert the ball one at the time,the fastest into the cage of our choice.

I take Kyle and you take Jin,OK?

Fast forwardly,I insert the fourth ball into the studly-stranger dude's cage.Ok lets name him Kyle.One thing I missed was everytime I dive in,I never took a glance over Haire's bare top nor Kyle's or Jin's.With the fifth dive,I see myself slower than Haire,he is in front of me a few inches.Since I have all four balls in Kyle's,why not have him insert into his choice?Then suddenly I saw he insert the ball into Kyle's,not Jin's!Did he just did that?He look at me,smiling,and I don't know what's on his mind!I thought we should compete for the vote,not gather the vote.

To celebrate Kyle's winning of his hawt,all of us three-me,Haire and Kyle.We went to a strange place,a very widely green field,endlessly green field with the countless of sparkling starry night.We sing,we enjoy,we did all guy stuff(not including sex,mind you).With 2 hawt guys and starry night,what could I asked for more!

I think we lost!Helps?

The next morning after the one-in-a-lifetime-night,I know,that something had happened to me,to Kyle,something I was after Kyle--I already had sex with him!!!(thumbs up dude) With my greatest excitement to have sex with him and the deepest disappointment,I unable to catch the sex scene,not a single scene,what I know was we're done sexing!Heck!Haire?How I know where have he been?

Like something has skipped,I was in a car,probably it's time to go back.I was sitting beside to the driver,Phat Pabes of I'm a loyal to,then why is Fly were here?)Haire and Kyle were at the back seat,chatting.Hey Haire,wanna swap seat?Suddenly appeared of 2 beautiful young hot chick(spot the different between hot and hawt?),we continue our journey.I looked at the rear side mirror,the reflection from the back showed me something horrible,Kyle was kissing.Not to Haire but a girl.Couldn't see anymore of this straight-romantic kissing,my tear flow down to my cheek.I was heart beaten.

With the sound from the TV my brother playing game,I wake up.I feel the sex-excitement and sadness of betrayal,in my dream.Wish I can find Kyle.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Ready For Meeting

I wake up at 6:30 am and drag my fatigue body to get a quick shower (read:buffalo bath).Arrggghhhh...the water from the shower is so damn cold,dropping from it and hit my body like ice meteor hit earth,I could freeze myself.After wipe with a towel,I grab my blue buttoned with dark blue pant,and brief too if you gonna ask me.With a T-shirt as undershirt,I put on my tie,pin my golden (fake) name tag with the name "BRADLEY" and a logo on my shirt pocket.Buckle my black shoe,a bag on my shoulder and a blazer on my left arm like a businessman as a finishing touché and voilà,I'm ready to stomp out from my house,leaving my PS2 on it death-sleeping mode,my brother will up later and Lawrence,probably he will wake at the noon.

My destination is just across the street I live and some of my colleagues stay there too (it's condos).Take about couple of minutes to reach there.Checking if Haire on his way,not even his shadow I could detect.If only I know when exactly he leave his place.With bunch of different level colleagues,we gather at a spot in the building compound.With Haire as our leader,always begin with "first thing first" while tapping his index finger to another,5 days a week meeting start.

 My blazer please,and please send me too.Please.

I look at my crush (you know who),looking straight to him,analyze him how dashing he is even though he wear the same outfit as us.His handsome face fasten my heart beat rate,like seeing Jesse McCartney;his fit body is waiting me to throw myself to hug him,to inhale his freshened body;his lip is begging me to have a passionate kiss on the spot;my eyes scroll down to his men-man area,wondering if I can see his buldge on his pant,as been told by my best friend Nicholas (not you,Nicky) also a close friend to him,he always had "woody" (man,damn horny he is).If only I has superman's look through power!As the meeting over,I go to my duty place and wish he could come and check on our duty.

That was 4 years ago when I were form 5 student-prefect.Seeing those freshly-holiday-graduated student make me miss my school year.If only 17 Again is happen to me,with the time and space travel back too,with the now me replace the 2006 me.

Aye,the school new term are just started a week ago.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

10 Resolution on 10

Year 2009 has passed and here come 2010!Happy New Year 2010 folks!Last year has been much happening to me,yeah,good and the bad.Last year May,I came out to Haire;I started blogging;told my dad that I'm gay but later told him that it's was just joking,really fuck that;and others that I didn't mentioned on this blog.
 First of all,I'll need a place to nap!

2009 has passed,what happened done;2010 new era,what's going happen we don't know.Unless we can predict the future?

This year I'm gonna change myself.From top to bottom.From left to right.From mentally to physically.
  • I'm gonna lose more weight until I hit the ideal weight with the height gain too.(currently 6 feet)
    • I'm gonna hit my first gay club,a decent one if could,after my 21st birthday and that time I'll need someone to accompany me there.Any volunteer?Nicky?
      • I not sure if I'd good looking with glasses or without?What if I get myself a contact lense?
        • Laptop is gonna be mine before the end of the year.
          • In 3 months,cellphone,cellphone and cellphone.Man I'm gonna take a lot of my favorite celebs pictures.
            • I miss my primary school gathering,Annalicia Loke Soke Kwan,where are thou?Hanes Lim,I wanna meet you and those after standard 6 we separated to other secondary school.
              • A day after Christmas I couldn't went to the my secondary school gathering which organized by one of my friend,and he didn't showed up due to his relative emergency.And those abs and muscles of Haire's,I wanna feel and see if that true.
                • It's payback time.Information strictly secret.
                  • I did told him I'm gay but haven't told him why.And I want to tell him who'd caused me into this?
                    • I once completed Suikoden 5 and I played it again.And I wanna replay it's the best among the rest of Suikoden.

                      Birth of 27 True Runes

                      In the beginning of the world, there was only Darkness.
                      Over time,Darkness grew lonely,
                      This loneli
                      ness became a heavy sorrow.
                      Then, the Darkness shed a tea
                      From the tear two brothers were formed: Sword and Shield.
                      Shield claimed it could defend against any attack.
                      Sword claimed it could slice through anything.
                      The brothers began a legendary battle.
                      They fell into war at lasted seven days and seven nights.
                      In the end, Sword breached Shield and Shield broke Sword.
                      Both Sword and Shield shattered.
                      Pieces of Sword became the sky,
                      Pieces of Shield became the earth,
                      And the sparks from the battle became the stars.
                      As for the jewels, they fell to the ground.
                      The 27 gems adorning Sword and Shield transformed into the 27 True Runes.
                      True Runes--The runes that all other runes were born from.
                      And thus the world began it's life.