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Sunday, May 31, 2009


Couples of day ago I was browsing some books at Mid Valley's MPH Bookstore and The Gardens' Borders.So when I'm hungry time I went to Carrefour to get something to eat but instead I bought some potatoes buns.

I'm watching my diet!

There's 2 internet free-seating station and I decided to check my mails and other stuff,my blog and search some books.I like Alex Sanchez,I read his books-Rainbow Boys(1st) and Rainbow Road(3rd) but i couldn't find Rainbow High(2nd,I miss what happen to Kyle and Jason when they're on high school,nelson and Jeremy),The God Box and his latest-Bait.While I using the free internet,of course i loved free stuff,a guy were using it,the other one,on my right.well he did looked not like a Malaysian,kinda mixed heritage and hot looking too,I couldn't help myself looking at him.Then I took a rest,or let my mind rest for a while,but actually i was looking or spying him from the back,he waring grey shirt as mine(I noticed he's sweating)and jean as mine.Oh God,he looked so gorgeous.But I couldn't hear what's he talking in his cellphone as I were resting at the bench,missed that part.I found my elementary friend-Lim Wei Han a.k.a. Hanes Lim and grew up together schoolmate Michelle Chong a.k.a. Chong Jin Yee(what a beauty friend)

Then at night I went to old house at Ipoh Road,to X5 internet,yeah that my place I loves to go spend my whole night,and its cheap too,RM25 for 25 hours,as a member,free registration.On my way to there,where I took a bus from Kota Raya,its was 10-something night.I quickly hop on a bus,I saw a guy at the back seat,and I sit there too,at the end of that seat..(actully when I hop the bus I saw this guy).With my eyes,I caught a glance on a guy who look someone like Henry Golding.

i don't have twin,so your mistaken him

He wore a sweat-jacket,almost baggy jean and sneaker.I couldn't took my eyes off him,so hunky.Later on he took out his jacket he wore,hmm a little muscular,then he placed both arms behind his head,hmm shaved underarms.I look at him all the way to my destination and his destination were quite far than mine,when he turned his head I look somewhere else,careful not be caught.As Reichen Lehmkuhl said,"Don't Ask Don't Tell".

Shh don't ask don't tell

And by the time of eleven I reached my place and I hop off,said goodbye to him in my heart.and by the way,did anyone know where can I get myself a biography of Lance Bass's Out of Sync(N*Sync member)?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Warning Quizzes

This questions might sound dirty or naughty
but no worry
I have clean answer for it.

1. When I go in I might cause pain.I cause you to spit and ask you not to swallow.I can fill your hole.What Am I?

2. A finger goes in me.You fiddle with me when you're bored.The best man always hit me first.What Am I?

3. I'm spread before I'm eaten.Your tongue gets me off.people sometimes like to lick mu nuts.What am I?

4. I go in hard.I come out soft.You blow me hard.What Am I?

5. All day long it's in and out.I discharge loads from my shaft.Both man and women go down on me.What Am I?

6. I come in many sizes.When I'm not well,I drip.When you blow me you feel good.What Am I?

7. If I miss,I hit your bush.It's my job to stuff your box.When I come,it's news.What Am I?

8. I needs protection.I get the finger 10 times.You use your finger to get me off.What Am I?

9. I assist an erection.Sometimes big balls hang from me.I'm called a big swinger.What Am I?

10. I'm at least 6 inches long.I leave foam lubrication when engaged in a job.What Am I?

Hmm watcha answers eh?

Come on answer it

Monday, May 18, 2009


STD-So tell me what the meaning is...Yeah yeah I heard you,STD-Sexual Transmitted
Disease,but don't worry I'm not gonna waste my time to all this crap...In fact I talking about
Secondary's Teachers' Day(STD)!!!

So I'm 20 this year and my school(SMK Vivekananda) year was over last couple of year,and yeah,no more waking up
at 0630,no more dragging my leg for couple of minutes to the school,no more roll-call,no more
prefect duties,no more school uniform,no more teachers nagging,no more schoolwork,and no more exam-SPM is over dude,cheers!!!But somehow I do miss those teachers (and friend and school life)and some of my schoolmates,and I'll list 'em...(Wish I were 17 again,don't you wannabe?)

[Form 1&2-1st&2nd Junior(afternoon),Form 3-Sophomore,Form 4&5-1st&2nd Senior]
  • Mrs Ong-Yeah congrats for her making to my top list.She's my 1st Junior English teacher,and my prefect board adviser teacher when I was elected under training as a prefect.She such a sweet teacher,loves to do the 2-finger-whatever-thing.she funny,easy-going type,lovable,and she will pissed off with our lack of discipline.I bet who under her teaching will found out quickly that she the greatest teacher.Too bad she teaches at afternoon session.Love you Mrs Ong!
  • Mrs Tee-She's my entire 2 years of senior year of teaching me mathematics,and also Red Cross Society adviser.There's 1 thing I couldn't stand about her,she always call my name,yes always-as her non-teaching assistant,such as:throw her scrap papers into waste basket,get her stuff to/from teachers' office.I'm her "teacher's pet" for the entire 2 senior year.I bet at her biology teaching at 5 Biology,Haire must be her hand too!Mrs Tee,sigh...
  • Mrs Nirai-A chubby,Indian and easy-going teacher who teaches me moral.I just like her,so sweet she is.When the Malay students went to their religion class,I will sit at the front row together with Chun Hwa,Wil Ther and Nicholas.I always ended sucks in memorizing those definition valuess(there's lots),but somehow I do get A2 for my SPM!!!
  • Mr Kannan,Mr Shan,Mr Ramen-This 3 discipline teachers is I consider as my buddy.I always joke with them,and I loves to punch in their arms,and they don't mind!
  • Mr Kamil-My school counselor.He good in giving lecture,motivation,anything-you-name-it.I remember back after my PMR,we attend a lecture for our 1st senior year,either we should in literature classes or science classes.During the speech,I catch a glance that no one will do that-he was rubbing his thumb to his zipper,up and down,for the entire day,in front of all wannabe 1st senior year.Is this his way of jerking off?Too bad Mr Kamil.
  • Mrs Beh-A beautiful,short-haired with sweet voice genius in Add Math!Because I was not interest in geography so I had to took add math.With my average grade of math,surely taken add math wasn't a good choice eh?I always failed in exam but I passed in SPM!

And that all I wanted to list the name but I'm going to tell about my schoolmates!

  • XXXXX-Well congrats to you for making to my top list.He the one I knew him since I was 5 or 6 years old,and I don't really how I first knew him.He is Malay and Filipino hereditary,and he quite guapo(Spanish and Tagalog for good-looking).Before elementary school I went back to my hometown for a year then I'm back but strangely I couldn't recall the fella and I blurred his name too.When I entered secondary school,I and Nicholas was place to same class.I was sitting behind this fella and he suddenly turned his head,and he did recognize me,even my name!And his existence,I entered a world called gayness.Yeah I had a my first and its a huge crush on him at my 2nd junior year.I wasn't know this gay stuff but I had a feeling,more than a friend,toward him.A week ago (8 May 2009) I finally come out to him and he very cool with it and accept my sexuality,who just I am,and he did gave advises to me too,positive.He the only one I tell him face to face,and all those burden I hide from him for 7 years finally gone,and I couldn't believe that I did tell him!And after that day,I kept questioning myself:Did I told XXXXX that I'm gay?Yeah of course you did Bradley!(Uh-oh,too much leaking information)To XXXX,I have nothing to say,I mean,I have to say but...(nervous)
  • Nicholas-A dude has a Caucasian looks.A best friend of mine.I knew him when I was elementary 4.He great in drawing-those fantasy characters!A Japanese addicted dude.But all the times I just couldn't catch his jokes,maybe its too classy for me eh?Then how could Haire always laugh at his jokes? To Nicholas-please don't draw those cat-human-creature things,please change your characters!
  • Jeyanthi-A close classmate of mine.She the one who been with me for the entire 2nd senior year,not couple excuse you!She been sitting beside me in the class,just in back of Isaac-the Indian,multi-lingual,guapo too and Jacky-the one who didn't cut his hair for the entire year.Both of them were new when they shifted to my school.To Jeyanthi,thanks for your companion.

Sorry for not post any pictures.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Because You Live

I first known Jesse McCartney when I was Form 5,when he out his second album-Right Where You Want Me...At the same time I had a huge crush on him,yeah a huge crush...I wasn't know his very first album until this year then I discover it and I love this title-Because You Live...This music video is from his first album-Beautiful Soul
Music Video:
Because You Live by (Jesse McCartney)

Staring out at the rain with a heavy heart
It's the end of the world in my mind
Then your voice pulls me back like a wake up call
I've been looking for the answer
I couldn't see that it was right there
But now I know what I didn't know

Because you live and breathe
Because you make me believe in myself when nobody else can help
Because you live, girl
My world has twice as many stars in the sky

It's alright, I survived, I'm alive again
Cuz of you, made it through every storm
What is life, what's the use if you're killing time
I'm so glad I found an angel
Who was there when all my hopes fell
I wanna fly, looking in your eyes

Because you live and breathe
Because you make me believe in myself when nobody else can help
Because you live, girl
My world has twice as many stars in the sky
Because you live, I live

Because you live there's a reason why
I carry on when I lose the fight
I want to give what you've given me always

Because you live and breathe
Because you make me believe in myself when nobody else can help
Because you live, girl
My world has twice as many stars in the sky

Because you live and breathe
Because you make me believe in myself when nobody else can help
Because you live, girl
My world has everything I need to survive

Because you live, I live, I live

Heteromo Guy on the road

Holla or Hello,first of all I'm new here...yeah this is my fucking blog(no offend ok)...Well why I start blogging?you asking me?sorry I have no answer for that question because I also don't know why...I don't know who will read my HeteromoGuy but I feel this is the place where I can tell to someone that I shouldn't tell...Hope I'll Keep Getting Better(Christina Aguilera)...
Way to go,HeteromoGuy!!!
Start your journey...

Birth of 27 True Runes

In the beginning of the world, there was only Darkness.
Over time,Darkness grew lonely,
This loneli
ness became a heavy sorrow.
Then, the Darkness shed a tea
From the tear two brothers were formed: Sword and Shield.
Shield claimed it could defend against any attack.
Sword claimed it could slice through anything.
The brothers began a legendary battle.
They fell into war at lasted seven days and seven nights.
In the end, Sword breached Shield and Shield broke Sword.
Both Sword and Shield shattered.
Pieces of Sword became the sky,
Pieces of Shield became the earth,
And the sparks from the battle became the stars.
As for the jewels, they fell to the ground.
The 27 gems adorning Sword and Shield transformed into the 27 True Runes.
True Runes--The runes that all other runes were born from.
And thus the world began it's life.