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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Gay Magazine & Kylie Minogue

After work I went to MHS having a walk-xercise.Every time I go there I must go to Sungei Wang Plaza to check out my fave magazine-the gay-related magazine,where I first found my first gay magazine-Gay Times.

Checking out there don't have any,I proceed to Times Square where I know a shop lot sell foreign magazine.I spotted a Attitude Magazine.Since I left my bag in my locker at my workplace,I just know its not the right time to hold the magazine wandering around the crowded.Shouldn't show I holding a semi-naked man on mall and street.And I bought it 2 days later.Another collection.

Until late evening before 8,I went to Lot 10.Hanging around the YES Internet Mobile Network,I catch a glimpse at a laptop which a guy watching a music video.I saw a scene where there's a man-on-man kissing,immediately I catch the title of that music video.

Birth of 27 True Runes

In the beginning of the world, there was only Darkness.
Over time,Darkness grew lonely,
This loneli
ness became a heavy sorrow.
Then, the Darkness shed a tea
From the tear two brothers were formed: Sword and Shield.
Shield claimed it could defend against any attack.
Sword claimed it could slice through anything.
The brothers began a legendary battle.
They fell into war at lasted seven days and seven nights.
In the end, Sword breached Shield and Shield broke Sword.
Both Sword and Shield shattered.
Pieces of Sword became the sky,
Pieces of Shield became the earth,
And the sparks from the battle became the stars.
As for the jewels, they fell to the ground.
The 27 gems adorning Sword and Shield transformed into the 27 True Runes.
True Runes--The runes that all other runes were born from.
And thus the world began it's life.