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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The "Ordinary" Spells

While I play games on my mobile,the non-touchscreen phone,I came across a list of spells that will be unlocked after achieve the games' request,or completing the trophy.Either it's true or not,but some worth trying.

Snow Day Spell
The night before the day you want snow,light a black candle.Clear your mind and recite this three times:"Goddess Hecate,I call upon thee!Make tomorrow a snow day,so mote it be."

Halloween Love Spell
On Halloween night,go out to a spring with a lamp.Look into the spring.You will see the reflection of your future partner.

Luck Spell
On a night of full moon,recite these words:"Lady of luck come out of your hidden course,bless your light upon me as the light of the moon shines above and in the light of luck will I be blessed,when the moon is next to be full.

Energy Spell
During nights of full moon,fill a glass with drinking water and leave it at the windowsill (outside if possible).In the morning,before eating,drink the water and feel the moon's energy flowing inside you.

Bath Healing Spell
Run a hot bath,adding powdered ginger  and eucalyptus oil.Light blue candles,place them near the bathtub and turn out the lights.Enter the bathtub and relax in the bath water.

Find Job Spell
If you want to have a little magic to help you on job interview,make a herbal charm.Mix a bit of sage,lavender,dill,basil,and parsley and pour it on a green cloth.Add in a chip of tiger's eye,and tie the cloth into a pouch using a gold ribbon.This charm will bring you prosperity ans radiate wisdom and knowledge.

New Year Fortune Spell
At midnight of New Year's Eve you should take on your hand a wad of money while you listen the 12 rings of the bell guarantee that you'll have a lot of money on the New Year.

New Year Luck Spell
On the 31st of December,get a piece of paper and write all the bad things that happened in the year that is ending.Burn the paper to avoid bad luck in the New Year.

Happy New Year Spell
When you decorate your table for the New Year's Eve dinner you must use the best tablecloth,dishes,glasses and cutlery that you have.Adorn the table with two red candles to guarantee a true love for your family and something golden to achieve a lot of money in the New Year.

Sweet Dream Spell
Before you go to sleep,put some rosemary and lavender leaves under your pillow and say:"Sweet dreams I will have,free of nightmare I will be".

 Does sour patch works instead of candle?

Insomia Spell
Soak your pillow lightly with lavender essence,write your name in a sky-blue candle and light it.Drink a cup of Valerian infusion and...Sweet dreams!

Study Spell
Carve your name into yellow candle and anoint it with lavender oil.Light an incense then the candle and say:"Oh,Spirit of Wisdom,to you I pray that,throughout my studies,my mind will  not stray.Keep it receptive,open and clear for me.As is my will,so it shall be!"

Achieve Money Spell
Fill a dark recipient half-full of water and drop a silver coin into it.Position the recipient so that the light of the moon shines into the water.Gently sweep your hands just above the surface,symbolically gathering the Moon's silver and say three times this:"Lovely Lady of the Moon,bring to me your wealth right soon.Fill my hands with silver and gold.All you give,my hands can hold".When finished,pour the water upon the Earth.

Economy Difficulty Spell
Light a yellow candle with 3 matches,put a white quartz in front of the candle and scatter eucalyptus and laurel powder on the quartz.Take a yellow rose in your hand and say:"I wish to be in harmony and overcome this current trance to walk free tomorrow".This quartz will be your lucky charm.

Confidence & Success Spell
If you want to build up your confidence,try this.Mix lavender and lemon juice,use it to wash your hair and let it air dry.You will have a boost in confidence,and are likely to have success in your doings.

Sunshine Spell
Light an orange candle,rub suntan lotion onto your hands and toss a carnelian or red jasper crystal from hand to hand seven times as you say:"Goddess Sun bless and decree that the sun shall shine on me".

St.Valentine Love Spell
get a thorn from a white rose bush and write "Oh my love come to me" three times on a simple white candle.Spread your and your lover's favorite things in a table.In the center,light the candle,and when it has burned out completely,collect the wax and wrap it together with your love souvenir and keep it in a safe place.

Nightmares Spell
Lay three red leaves in triangle on a flat surface and drip some drops of chrysanthemum oil on each leaf.In the center,place a lit candle.Chant this three times:"Red leaves,gift from earth,birth to death and death to birth,keep all evil far away,day to night and night to day".Put out the candle and wrap the leaves in a white cloth or pouch.Place this near your bed within three feet of your head and it will end all nightmares.

Cleansing Spell
You need 3 candles:one white,one black and one green.Light the white candle and say:"Mother Earth,Fire,Wind,Water and Spirit,I ask thee to cleanse my body from all negative forces".Light the black candle and say the same thing.After this,light the green candle and say:"Mother Earth,Fire,Wind,Water and Spirit,I ask thee to cleanse my body from all negative forces.Blessed be!"

Prosperity Spell
Place Irish Moss under a mat outside your front door,and you will always have prosperity coming in.

Health Protection Spell
Take a red ribbon and make a bracelet with seven knots while you think about good things.Try to wear it as often as you can.

Find Love Spell
On a piece of paper,write down the qualities of the person that you'd like to have come into your life.At a table,light a red and white candle in each side to one fireproof container.Try to imagine this person and light the piece of paper from both candles and say this:"I ask the Gods to send to me this person I desire,I may not yet know their face or name,still I know they're out there,and they're looking for me just the same".Drop the burning paper into the container,being careful not to burn yourself.

Tea Divination Spell
Make a cup of tea without milk.Say:"Goddess of Moon,God of Sun,lend some power so I may see the future".Look into the cup and try to look past the drink and see shapes of the future.

Wishing Spell
Hold a lucky charm.light a candle and while thinking of your wish,chant three times:"This simple wish is mine to cast,a magic spell to make it last,I close my eyes a little shiver,this wish for me now please deliver".When you have finished drop the luck charm and blow the candle out.

I'll need the wishing spell to have him!

Heartbreak Spell
Write the name of the person who you want to forget on a piece of paper.Place a red candle,and two white candles one left and the other right from the red one.Light the red candle,left white,then right white candle while you are chanting these words:"I burn this name so it shall be cast out of my memory.(Name of person),your name is as cold as ice;to get over you would be nice".

Family Harmony Spell
Put three red flowers in a crystal vase along with their stems and place the vase on the left corner of a table.Every day,spend some time next to the vase,looking at it and asking for harmony in your family.When the flowers wilt,throw them in running water.

Summer Solstice Spell
On June 23rd at midnight,light a sky-blue candle.Write a wish on a piece of paper and place it under your pillow,together with an ivy leaf.The next day,burn the paper and bury the ashes and ivy leaf in the garden or in a flower pot.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Silent Is Cute

Meet Davey Wavey,
on his National Day of Silence.

Enjoy the next 10 minutes of watching him quietly.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

I Am Who I Am

Is the reason you ask me to change,
So that you stay the same?
Well I'm sorry if I keep disappointing you again and again
I am who I am
And you can't change me
I've done what I can
And I'll stand my ground
You're tying my hands
You rearrange me
It all falls down

  Lee Ryan 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Gay Magazine & Kylie Minogue

After work I went to MHS having a walk-xercise.Every time I go there I must go to Sungei Wang Plaza to check out my fave magazine-the gay-related magazine,where I first found my first gay magazine-Gay Times.

Checking out there don't have any,I proceed to Times Square where I know a shop lot sell foreign magazine.I spotted a Attitude Magazine.Since I left my bag in my locker at my workplace,I just know its not the right time to hold the magazine wandering around the crowded.Shouldn't show I holding a semi-naked man on mall and street.And I bought it 2 days later.Another collection.

Until late evening before 8,I went to Lot 10.Hanging around the YES Internet Mobile Network,I catch a glimpse at a laptop which a guy watching a music video.I saw a scene where there's a man-on-man kissing,immediately I catch the title of that music video.

Monday, December 06, 2010

It's His 21st Birthday

The title said it all.Yes,it's his 21st birthday on Sunday,December 5th 2010,which mean yesterday.He is Haire,the dude that I first secretly felt in love when I was gred 8 aka form 2.The first dude I had a feeling toward.The first dude I had a crush on.The first dude that make me wonder if it's normal to have a man-to-man feeling.And now,I'm gay because of him.

 Come on man,it's your birthday!

If it's now December 6th 2010,which is already passed 12 o'clock,well it's wasn't yet.I just knew that he wasn't in Malaysia,he flew to United Kingdom,to a place called Cardiff.And now,it 1800hour,December 5th 2010 there.

A few days ago I knew his birthday coming soon,and I had to make something special than a birthday wish on his Facebook wall.And guess what,working at a cake house,I had a White Christmas Yule Log,which made from vanilla sponge with Chantilly cream.Added with some Christmas mini toys,and most important thing I won't missed out-the 21st birthday wishes.

It's a lovely cake I make for him

Friday, June 18, 2010

Make Out With You

I was checking my abandoned sent-message in facebook inbox,then I saw this song which I wrote 2 years ago and now looking at this self-written song,it pretty good writes.

If you want to make out,I'd make out with you
If you say that I'm queer,I would agree with you
If you think that I'm gay when I kissed a guy,well you'd be right

Since I saw that young man,I never was a straight man
I never had a girlfriend that wanted me,yeah
Ever since I blew you,I never even knew you
I only wanna get you right here in my pants
'Cause everybody,woah-oh-oh
Need a guy that they can touch
And you're somebody,whoa-oa-oa
That I fondled just in time

If you want to make out,I'd make out with you
If you say that I'm queer,I would agree with you
If you think that I'm gay when I kissed a guy,well you'd be right

If you want to make out,I'd make out with you

My orientation changing
Its always rearranging
Its always gayer than I thought it ever would
Ever since you kissed me,you always wanna this me
I just wanna get down on my knee and blew

'Cause everybody,woah-oh-oh
If you want to make out,I'd make out with you
If you say that I'm queer,I would agree with you
If you think that I'm gay when I kissed a guy,well you'd be right

Don't tell me even that you're bi
Just tell me that you're gay
And gay with me all night

If you want to make out,I'd make out with you
If you say that I'm queer,I would agree with you
If you think that I'm gay when I kissed a guy,well you'd be right

If you want to make out,I'd make out with you
If you say that I'm queer,I would agree with you
If you think that I'm gay when I kissed a guy,well you'd be right.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

When Your Gone

December 31st 2006.That the date I met "him" 3 years ago.He saw me 3 years ago.Destiny brought us together 3 years ago.Instantly,we became an item and inseparable.It was all happened in a very busy shopping mall with my friend looking for a thing and suddenly I spotted him.After this-and-that introduction,we started as a friend.I was so thrilled to have him,he may not my first but he's gorgeous among all I had before,and of course,I'm not his first.

He was good looking;I was below the scale.He doesn't mind.We're faithful to each other.His secret's mine and my secret's his,we never betray each other.aside that,he is multi-talented gifted-he can sing and compose,he can draw very well and not to mention,he great in acting.

I love him so much that I can't keep myself far away from him.He is everything to me.Rain or shine,or even wee hours of the morning,he will be my side,to comfort me;when I'm in moody,he will listen to my problem;when I in happiness,he will be there to share the joy.I was so lucky one to have him.

 We have something in common-magazine lover.

But last Friday,3-year-4-month later,an unfortunate happened to me,he is no more longer with me.I tried to trace every footstep but I couldn't find any single.I was sleeping with him the night before and suddenly,he just poof and disappear.

Well,this is not about boyfriend stuff,"He" is my ex-cellphone-SE K750i.

I lost the phone because I didn't realize that my pant's pocket got a hole and it just dropped somewhere.An hour later then I realize my phone wasn't with me and I traced back my way.No suck luck that people won't noticed a cellphone on the ground.I won't mind if the phone gone but together with my memory card!From Blue to Lady Gaga,vanish away from me.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Is Bankai For Bleach?

If you watch or read or at least heard Bleach-the anime and the manga,which is popular nowdays,then you might know what is "Bankai",or if you don't,then here's the explanation-A zanpakutou's final form which means "Full Release". It usually takes many years to master it. A Bankai can be ten times more powerful than the first release, "Shi-Kai".

Don't cha mest with my Heaven Chain Slaying Moon(Tensa Zangetsu)

*At least the cosplayer is a little quite good looking.

But if you think that only the meaning and could be found in Bleach,you're wrong and so am I before I found another meaning of Bankai.Well,it do sound a little dirty,in sexual way:

1)Somebody's penis-My bankai is growing in size.
2)It can also be describe as an erection-Man... I have a bankai.
3)Can tell when people are ejaculating-I'm about to bankai!
4)Premature ejaculation,after previously ejaculating-If you don't get off my shit I'm gonna bankai!
But I didn't use Bankai for those 4 example,I use for Bleach game only.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Long Searching Comes True

It's been about half-a-year since I last went to KLCC's Kinokuniya,and same goes to Mid Valley's Popular and The Gardens' Borders.Kinokuniya is one of the bookstore(biggest in town) where I can(sometime) search for some gay-related reads.

Last wednesday after half-a-year,I once again stepped into Kinokuniya,hoping to assisted by the search machine to find some of the books I saw at Amazon.But bookstore isn't everything what I wanted especially the books which gay-related,but trust me,there's some at romance,teens,gender and fiction shelf.If roll down to the left under The Book I Read,all the books were found there except Alex Sanchez's Rainbow Road and Reichen Lehmkuhl's Here's What We'll Say which from The Gardens' Borders.

Reichen and his ex,Lance and they're so cute!

While having some browsing there,I came across to music section.I kept my eyes set on biographies,at B marked sign on the shelf.For what?Because I been long searching for Lance Bass's Out Of Sync.Within a second my eyeballs targeted the book I been long searching for,and it was sealed.Nevermind I'll ask the counter staff help me.But before that,I took a browsing at teens section.While looking the shelf,I saw a book which I been long searching too-Alex Sanchez's Rainbow High.

Later on,I went to MHS and I passed a bookshop,and I straightly proceed to the elevator to upper floor.A second I stepped on the elevator I saw a familiar magazine.To ensure what I saw,I ran down the stairs and find the magazine.To my surprise and unbelievable,my eyes didn't prove me wrong,it's the Gay Times,the new issue,which I had it before.I gagged and drop the fuck bombs under my breathe.After pay £3.75(pound sterling=RM18.57 and I had it only RM15.90),I was trilled to have the second copy of Gay Times.It's was December issue 375 and the one I last bought was July issue 370.Could say that Gay Times were really rare to get here in Malaysia.Ahhh wish I could get Gay Times every issue,I definitely will collect it even it cost more bucks.

 Meet the second of mine.

Monday, April 12, 2010

The Bearer of 27 True Runes

Well,I saw some bloggers wrote down their facts and it seem interesting.They tell their 23 facts and I don't understand why 23?But here a little different,I use 27 True Runes replace the 23 facts.
1)The bearer have Arachnophobia-irrational fear of spiders but loves watching spider documentary.
2)The bearer allergy to prawns and crabs flesh but fine with tiny dried prawn?
3)The bearer is a strong silent type of person,guess he is shy or whatever.
4)The bearer is a fanatic of Suikoden games series,hence come this blog's title.
5)The bearer know how to swim at age 4 in 6 feet pool.
6)The bearer is a very loyal reader to Galaxie magazine and loyal listener.
7)The bearer was elementary chinese educated but english spoken.Westernize.
8)The bearer have a bunch of comic collections,start with Doraemon,Dragon Ball,Hajime Kindaichi,and other with incomplete set.His all time favorite comic is Dragon Quest.
9)The bearer found he was attracted to his childhood guy friend and thought he was bisexual for 4 years and finally declare himself a fully homosexual 2 years ago.
10)The bearer doesn't chew food more than 3 times in large quantities.He just swallow it and always hungry for food-swallowing.

 I could finish the whole jar.

11)The bearer is a TV addict,mostly everyday have his favorite shows on local channel-drama,sci-fi,action or anything based on english TV.
12)The bearer never smoke,and the the only alcohol drink he ever (so far) consume were shandy.
13)The bearer always fully clothed,and brief on when sleeping(rarely).
14)The bearer have a chinese name and since no one call me that name anymore,after done my elementary,they just address me Bradley,simple.
15)The bearer never done any gay action yet,haven't kiss,hold hands,or talk to a gay guy.A completely untouched guy.
16)The last chinese song he listened was SHE 7 years ago.
17)The bearer is a hobosexual,he doesn't care his appearance and has no sense of fashion or style.
18)The bearer will use his pseudonyms he don't want to reveal himself.One of his was Freyjadour Falenas but has been founded by someone.
19)The bearer loves reading after picked Reichen Lehmkuhl's Here's What We'll Say,especially the one with bromance.
20)The bearer heritagely from Eurasian but he did look like Siamese as he been told.

Bin ich asiatischen oder eurasischen?
Am I asian or eurasian? 
21)The only 2 singer he admire and loves most is Jesse McCartney and Lady Gaga.
22)The only gay stuff he owned is his UK's GayTimes issue 370.Very precious.
23)The bearer can spend entire half day in a mall without shopping.
24)The bearer use simple english due to his poor spellings and his slow-words-arrangement.
25)The bearer doesn't inherit his father's hunky-playboy-looks nor his mother beauty.
26)The bearer couldn't stand if he sees someone local who's taller than his 6 feet,exception to the whites.
27)The bearer started using internet 2 years ago.Before he doesn't know how to.

Birth of 27 True Runes

In the beginning of the world, there was only Darkness.
Over time,Darkness grew lonely,
This loneli
ness became a heavy sorrow.
Then, the Darkness shed a tea
From the tear two brothers were formed: Sword and Shield.
Shield claimed it could defend against any attack.
Sword claimed it could slice through anything.
The brothers began a legendary battle.
They fell into war at lasted seven days and seven nights.
In the end, Sword breached Shield and Shield broke Sword.
Both Sword and Shield shattered.
Pieces of Sword became the sky,
Pieces of Shield became the earth,
And the sparks from the battle became the stars.
As for the jewels, they fell to the ground.
The 27 gems adorning Sword and Shield transformed into the 27 True Runes.
True Runes--The runes that all other runes were born from.
And thus the world began it's life.