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Monday, April 12, 2010

The Bearer of 27 True Runes

Well,I saw some bloggers wrote down their facts and it seem interesting.They tell their 23 facts and I don't understand why 23?But here a little different,I use 27 True Runes replace the 23 facts.
1)The bearer have Arachnophobia-irrational fear of spiders but loves watching spider documentary.
2)The bearer allergy to prawns and crabs flesh but fine with tiny dried prawn?
3)The bearer is a strong silent type of person,guess he is shy or whatever.
4)The bearer is a fanatic of Suikoden games series,hence come this blog's title.
5)The bearer know how to swim at age 4 in 6 feet pool.
6)The bearer is a very loyal reader to Galaxie magazine and loyal listener.
7)The bearer was elementary chinese educated but english spoken.Westernize.
8)The bearer have a bunch of comic collections,start with Doraemon,Dragon Ball,Hajime Kindaichi,and other with incomplete set.His all time favorite comic is Dragon Quest.
9)The bearer found he was attracted to his childhood guy friend and thought he was bisexual for 4 years and finally declare himself a fully homosexual 2 years ago.
10)The bearer doesn't chew food more than 3 times in large quantities.He just swallow it and always hungry for food-swallowing.

 I could finish the whole jar.

11)The bearer is a TV addict,mostly everyday have his favorite shows on local channel-drama,sci-fi,action or anything based on english TV.
12)The bearer never smoke,and the the only alcohol drink he ever (so far) consume were shandy.
13)The bearer always fully clothed,and brief on when sleeping(rarely).
14)The bearer have a chinese name and since no one call me that name anymore,after done my elementary,they just address me Bradley,simple.
15)The bearer never done any gay action yet,haven't kiss,hold hands,or talk to a gay guy.A completely untouched guy.
16)The last chinese song he listened was SHE 7 years ago.
17)The bearer is a hobosexual,he doesn't care his appearance and has no sense of fashion or style.
18)The bearer will use his pseudonyms he don't want to reveal himself.One of his was Freyjadour Falenas but has been founded by someone.
19)The bearer loves reading after picked Reichen Lehmkuhl's Here's What We'll Say,especially the one with bromance.
20)The bearer heritagely from Eurasian but he did look like Siamese as he been told.

Bin ich asiatischen oder eurasischen?
Am I asian or eurasian? 
21)The only 2 singer he admire and loves most is Jesse McCartney and Lady Gaga.
22)The only gay stuff he owned is his UK's GayTimes issue 370.Very precious.
23)The bearer can spend entire half day in a mall without shopping.
24)The bearer use simple english due to his poor spellings and his slow-words-arrangement.
25)The bearer doesn't inherit his father's hunky-playboy-looks nor his mother beauty.
26)The bearer couldn't stand if he sees someone local who's taller than his 6 feet,exception to the whites.
27)The bearer started using internet 2 years ago.Before he doesn't know how to.


Ultraman Jino said...

lady gaga rocks. from your descriptions... i start to lose my imagination of how you look like XD

[Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot

nicky05 said...

12.) Im a 2nd smoker
14.) Usually my friends call my english name lo...XD
18.) I know who is that guy..:p

count astaroth said...

such a mysterious guy you are^^

Bearer Of True Runes said...

>Ultraman Jino
Im kinda between good looking and ugly :p

and we both know who :p

>Count Astaroth
not so mysterious :p

Shaun said...


Someone who admires Jesse McCartney too! Lol.

haha. pardon me, being so random; just stumbled across yr blog.

Qboy said...

Very discreet guy aren't you? But you seem like a real interesting guy! :)

Stumbled across your blog just like Shaun, nice to meet you! :)

Birth of 27 True Runes

In the beginning of the world, there was only Darkness.
Over time,Darkness grew lonely,
This loneli
ness became a heavy sorrow.
Then, the Darkness shed a tea
From the tear two brothers were formed: Sword and Shield.
Shield claimed it could defend against any attack.
Sword claimed it could slice through anything.
The brothers began a legendary battle.
They fell into war at lasted seven days and seven nights.
In the end, Sword breached Shield and Shield broke Sword.
Both Sword and Shield shattered.
Pieces of Sword became the sky,
Pieces of Shield became the earth,
And the sparks from the battle became the stars.
As for the jewels, they fell to the ground.
The 27 gems adorning Sword and Shield transformed into the 27 True Runes.
True Runes--The runes that all other runes were born from.
And thus the world began it's life.